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Alaina droog

Alaina Margaret Droog is an actor-singer-guitarist-dancer who is heavily influenced by her small-town values. Born and raised in Grafton, North Dakota, Alaina often finds inspiration and importance in the little details, honest work, and appreciating simple things in life. This detail-oriented focus can be recognized in all of her work, whether it be a new song she’s writing or a theatrical performance. Some of Alaina’s past favorite credits include Nettie Fowler in CAROUSEL, Sheila Bryant in A CHORUS LINE, and John Dickinson in 1776. When she’s not performing, Alaina enjoys listening to movie scores by Hans Zimmer, practicing Norwegian (Bokmål), or writing silly songs on her guitar. Oh and overthinking everything—she’s often doing that too. In the Spring, you can catch Alaina performing in Shenandoah Conservatory’s production of TUCK EVERLASTING as a member of the dance ensemble in addition to understudying Mae Tuck (under the direction of the one and only Michael Park!!!🤯) Growing up in the middle of nowhere, Alaina could have never imagined her life as it is today, and she is so grateful to be chasing her big city dreams among some of the most talented and wonderful humans:) 

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