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Axel Manica

Born in Denver, CO; Axel has always had a life as an artist - from dancing to movie soundtracks in his living room and writing short stories, to collaborating on professional theatre and lending my voice to novel narration - hes building a life focused on telling stories. You may have seen him in Shenandoah Universities productions of TUCK EVERLASTING, PIPPIN, at Paul Bunyan Playhouse in THE PLAY WHERE EVERYTHING GOES WRONG, or at Breckenridge Backstage Theater as Jack in INTO THE WOODS. Axel would love to discuss fantasy and science fiction books for any length of time will probably lose to you in Mariokart, but he will have fun doing it. If you spend time with Axel, he will offer to cook us a meal or a snack (It will not disappoint) and he's an international travel fanatic. Axel would love to help you find some cheap flights! . . . as long as you're willing to listen to some of his travel stories.

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