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Matt - “Taking Chances,” Emily

Emily- “Gesthename,” Matt

Noah - “Stuff Like That There,” Audrey

Audrey - “Gee Whiz,” Maddie

Maddie - “In Love With You,” Nathan

Nathan - “ A Foggy Day,” John

John - “Change,” Gi

Gi - “Fly Into The Future,” Ari

Ari - “Nobody,” Kelsey

Kelsey - “Randy’s Song,” Axel

Axel - “Come On Get Higher,” Shea

Shea - “Breathe Again,” Gigi B

Gigi B - “Somebody Will,” Ethan

​​Ethan - “I Said No,” Nicole

Nicole - “Sing But Don't Tell,” Gaby

Gaby - “To My Angels,” Ellie

Ellie - “Tear Me Down,” Max

Max - “Life Of The Party,” Isa

Isa - “Purpose,” Jack

Jack - “Free At Last,” Noah

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