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Cole vaughan

Cole Vaughan (he/him) comes all the way from Bowling Green, Kentucky. You may be asking yourself “Why is Cole, the short king, not competing in the Kentucky Derby as a jockey?” To which he’d respond, “Shut up.” So he does theatre! Cole has always enjoyed performing. Of course he has. That’s why he’s here, and Shenandoah has provided a place to stretch that muscle. In his time here, Cole has performed as a featured Swing in HAIR, Big Daddy in SWEET CHARITY (yes I see the Irony), The Boy in MOONRISE: A New Musical, and finally, Adam in THE APPLE TREE. The prospect of Broadway has always been an alluring one. However, above the need to perform, to Cole, is the need to create. Writing has been a large part of his time at Shenandoah, and was largely what got him through lockdown. Cole has had several of his own one acts produced and performed on campus, and recently at the Old Library Theatre One Act Play Festival. Cole brings this into his acting as well. Script analysis, while potentially boring for some, is a playground of imagination and creativity to Cole. As an actor, Cole will always strive for the work that pushes and pulls his creative side in new, exciting directions. With this, coupled with his keen sense of musicianship, Cole is either a force to be reckoned with, or a really good future busker. He’ll leave that I up to you.

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