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G a b y  

Gaby Hernandez (she/her) is a Musical Theatre performer from Miami, Florida. Moving to Venezuela at the age of 8, Gaby’s life has always been infused with culture and good food. Her recent credits include INTO THE WOODS (Little Red), CINDERELLA (Charlotte), and A CHORUS LINE. Gaby serves as the co-president of Hornets’ Nest Student Theatre: a group dedicated to producing full-scale, student-led musical productions. 

Gaby loves to live the “grandma” life. When not performing, she likes to do puzzles, sudoku, read, and sell fudge at her part-time “chocolatier” job, Nibblins - a local chocolate shop. Gaby is a true cinephile and loves to take in all kinds of media (catch her on Letterboxd). Gaby enjoys road trippin’ and is always down to explore. 

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