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gracie keener

Always there to break uncomfortable silences with likely even more uncomfortable jokes, Gracie is a confident, witty, and bright force of nature, with a candor that some have described as “refreshing” and “charming”; others as “disturbing”, “perplexing” or “horrifying to the core”. Those that have worked with her know her for her strong work ethic, kindness, and love for collaboration. Growing up in rural northern Ohio, she first began performing at age 11 in a production of Peter Pan, when she landed the coveted role of Mermaid #2. Recent stage credits include Amélie (AMÉLIE) at Mercury Theatre Company, and Juror #6 in ShenCo’s production of 12 Angry Jurors. She is beyond excited to be playing Eve in ShenCo’s production of THE APPLE TREE in the spring.  When Gracie isn’t performing, you can find her painting, playing Dungeons & Dragons, conniving with the local wildlife, gardening, yearning, or lowering all of her friends’ self-esteem by besting them at MarioKart. She is so proud of her senior class for all of their tenacity, growth, and brilliance.

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