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Kelsey Marshall

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kelsey Marshall possesses a calm and collected demeanor. Kelsey has captivated audiences with her exceptional acting skills, particularly shining in roles such as Baker's Wife in INTO THE WOODS, #7 in THE WOLVES, Fiona in SHREK, and the whimsical SpongeBob in SPONGEBOB THE MUSICAL. In addition to performing, Kelsey has also worked in live sound, casting, and production and event planning. When not performing, Kelsey can be found in an antique store looking for her next new pair of old pants or at a climbing gym conquering her fear of heights. Taking on the world with a keychain UV light to test for reactive vintage glass, Kelsey will gladly talk your ear off about her favorite recipes (not to be served on the uranium glass plates).

Kelsey Marshall Headshot.jpg
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