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ladye vivian

Ladye Vivian was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She is full of life, laughter, strength, and compassion. She takes everything in her path as an opportunity and chooses to observe the world before her as art. During her time as Shenandoah she has really enjoyed her role of Cathy Hiatt in the THE LAST FIVE YEARS, Nickie in SWEET CHARITY, and Female Swing/Dance Caption for TUCK EVERLASTING directed by Micheal Park and choreographed by Shannon Lewis. She also has a large passion for directing and was given the incredible opportunity to direct ORDINARY DAYS as well as Assistant Direct BRIGHT STAR alongside fantastic guest director, Bobby Pieranunzi. Ladye Vivian is beyond excited for the adventures awaiting her post graduation and cannot thank you enough for getting to know her a little bit! She is passionate about a plethora of things: performing (we get it), directing, painting, instructing fitness, writing, health & wellness, business, and having a g o o d  time. She really enjoys watching stand-up and anything involving Amy Poehler or Zach Galifianakis, journaling, creating silly skits, cooking, eating, and connecting with others. “Nice to meet you!” - A personalized message from Ladye Vivian herself.

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