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Max Lewis - Headshot.HEIC-2.heif
Max Lewis

Max Lewis is a determined, flexible, hardworking, and fun individual. He was born and raised in Orlando, Florida right next to the most magical place on earth Disney World! Growing up he always had a love for athletics from being a gymnast all the way to being a competitive rower. But his favorite was dance, and that is what started their love for theatre. They did theatre throughout middle school, and when they got to high school added film work into the mix which they quickly fell in love with too. Some of their theatre credits include Richie in A CHORUS LINE, Nicky/Ricky in AVENUE Q, Jetsam in THE LITTLE MERMAID, and Dance Ensemble (U/S Daryl Ames) in BRIGHT STAR. Outside of theatre, Max loves to travel, he loves reading, he is a huge science nerd, and loves to cook. Max is a glutton for knowledge and will always take the opportunity to learn anything and everything,  he is so excited to continue furthering his career and knowledge after he graduates in the fall from Shenandoah University.

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