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Noah Pierre Pleunik

Noah Pierre Pleunik is a fantastical, fun loving, and energetic being. He was adopted from Haiti at three Months old and was raised in Washington, Pennsylvania by his two loving parents. Growing up Noah's mother always said he was singing before he spoke. Having grown up in the church Noah has alway had a calling to connect with those around him through music, honesty, and genuine emotion, in a way that Bares his soul. Having such an upbringing has made Noah an unapologetic and explosive performer who loves to tell stories. He is passionate about telling stories that leave an impact. During his time at Shenandoah he has had the opportunity to play many roles on the main stage such as Tom Collin (RENT) Man in The Yellow Suit (TUCK EVERLASTING) and Hud (HAIR). He has also been cast in multiple roles in Student Productions, his favorites being Billy Bigalow (CAROUSEL) and Harold (BOYS IN THE BAND). During his free time Noah enjoys hanging out with friends, Cooking up a delectable meal (of course he shares), and acting like He's a wizard (Gandalf), behind closed doors. He is known for his infectiously goofy personality, carefree attitude, and Green Thumb. Noah would not hesitate to call himself a Lemonade and Cheese Connoisseur; a goal of his is to be a guest judge in a food competition. Another type of story telling Noah thoroughly enjoys is some good old Tea Time with friends. Although Noah is so ready to leave Shenadoah and begin his professional career as a Performer and Artist, he is cherishing every last moment with the people he has had the privilege of calling his second family for the last four years.

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